HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My Skin And Tips

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

hi guys my name is Praveen and welcome back to my Blog or welcome if you're new here today I'm gonna share with you guys and my acne story and how I battled with acne for quite some time and I'm also gonna be showing you guys the products that helped me not only control. it but it also helped me treat it before we get started I want to let you guys know that I have a very specific type of acne that you might also have and you actually don't know it and you're wondering why all these acne products don't work for you it's because you treat it differently and nobody ever talks about this I have dehydrated acne prone skin which basically means that my skin can aft it gets oily however it actually needs very moisturizing and nourishing products. 

1). What Product I am Using Right Now For Clean Skin (For My Skin Type)

I'm currently wearing my tinted sunscreen which is the dermatology SPF 46 you have to wear sunscreen no matter who you are because it prevents the signs of aging and also it prevents the skin cancer so it's not about the burn it's about not getting wrinkles this is an amazing sunscreen and it definitely does have like this nice even a tone into my skin and along with that I'm also using the morphe dewy setting spray and the glow recipe lip pop so despite the fact that I'm technically not wearing any makeup I

My Story Of Acna (Skip This Part If You Are Not Intrested )

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

My whole life until I was about 13 I had very nice soft soft soft supple skin I never did anything to it in fact I don't even think I washed it and if I did it was probably like some harsh soap as one does around the age of thirteen fourteen I started to get little bumps and I started doing the over counter thing like the little Proactiv bottles and stuff and they tended to work for the most part but then over time my acne would get worse so around like the age of like 14 I want to say 15 and my acne got particularly bad anything that I tried on it would just not work and in fact make it worse so I decided to go to a dermatologist and when I went to the dermatologist they rekt my skin so badly I'll have a picture right here obviously a lot of people have had way worse acne.

 however that acne was relatively apparent and I remember walking down the halls and people would like point it out as if I already didn't know that it was on my face it became a very huge insecurity of mine into this day skin texture still is a very big insecurity a lot of people don't actually talk about the mental affect of acne on you and it definitely takes a very huge toll on your confidence and stuff but it's gotten better and I have to acknowledge that and the reason that my acne actually never gotten better was because I was using the wrong products I was bombarding it with a whole bunch of acne fighting problems.

 a lot of oil controlling problems and the reason that this happened was because I actually had malassezia or fungal acne this type of acne actually presents itself in tiny little bumps around your forehead that are not necessarily like pimples but they look like skin colored bumps and they just don't go away for whatever reason that's fungal acne you can also have acne that looks just like the acting that I have right here and you also tend to have a lot of redness around your nose or your mouth. 
A lot of scale enos or flakiness because it's actually the same fungus that's responsible for dermatitis on her scalp which is the thing that causes like flaking some people can have that with malassezia others don't I personally have never experienced that I've been lucky enough to only have it on my face . 

How To Avoid Acna ? 

 it's been some sighting for the past couple of years only because I've been actually using these products and avoiding products that feed the malassezia on your skin so while some acne can be treated with oils and stuff malassezia is absolutely not one of those types of acne you want to avoid. oils for pretty much your entire life until you actually fully treat malassezia with oral antifungals along with a medicated kind of a wash on your face however a lot of us don't have access to that type of stuff I know I don't so I've just been regulating it for the meantime absolutely no oils go on my face nothing with oil inside of it goes on my face I tend to avoid.

fragrance products just as a general standard it doesn't necessarily exacerbate fungal acne but it can be a cause to it so I just avoid it and just like regular acne a fungal acne is a very specific to each person so some people can actually be broken down by a fatty alcohol as well which by the way aren't bad in your skincare you don't have to avoid those and they can also be exacerbated by like cholesterol for example thankfully I do not break down from fatty alcohols or cholesterol but if you are one of those people you might want to avoid some of the products that I'm going to talk about so simply by avoiding products that feed the fungal acne you're actually gonna start seeing improvements but if you do want to take it a step further you can definitely use medicated shampoos or face washes there's actually a full blog that explains all of this stuff away better.

than I could ever so I'm actually gonna leave it down below it's called simple skincare science so I definitely do follow everything on this blog just to make sure that my skin never really freaks out so there's a very quick summary of how I found out that I had fungal acne and how I'm treating it and trying to prevent it and 

My actual skincare routine To Avoid Acna OR Get Clean And Glowing Skin . 

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

now let's talk about my actual skincare routine so obviously I do our makeup I try to make sure that all my makeup is a fungal acne safe but obviously sometimes that just doesn't work thankfully I'm actually not sensitive to any type of makeup including makeup that has oil isn't it which like thank the Lord I do a double cleanse if you are using makeup wipes stop right now I don't want to talk about it.

 so I could just leave a couple videos linked down below on why you should not use makeup wipes so instead of actually is a cleansing balm I actually use a different one I use vanilla co clean it zero but I am out of that so I am being resourceful and I'm using the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm and I have definitely gone through this this one is actually not fungal acne safe so that might be why do you have like a little bit more breakouts but we're on a budget the way they use this product is that you rub it onto your dry skin and you kind of just massage it into the makeup or sunscreen because obviously you do have to get rid of sunscreen.

 At the end of the day and you should be wearing sunscreen every single day and I like to do is for anywhere from like five to ten to thirty minutes sometimes because it's just so relaxing especially after a very stressful day and then once you feel like all the makeup has finally dissolved you get a little bit of water and then you start to emulsify on your face so it's gonna look like a little soap lather on your face you definitely want to do that for about 30 more seconds and then fully wash it off when it comes to makeup removal and double cleansing .

you can also use certain oils I know for fungal acne you could try a squalene oil I've tried it before it actually didn't do a great job at removing my makeup so I didn't really like it I also heard that MCT oil and mineral oil are pretty dope I've never actually tried them so take that with a grain of salt I guess and on to the second step I would actually be using one of my face washes now I say face washes because normally I would use my syrupy foaming and facial cleanser this is my ride-or-die Puri all of these products are actually fragrance free I don't really f with Ray grants in my skincare however recently .

Shampo And Fashwash Effect Acna ?

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

I've actually started using this little baby shampoo it's called dr. Eddy's happycabbie medicated shampoo and body wash but the reason I actually use this now is because this actually has a zinc of pairi theone which is one of the ways that you can actually treat fungal acne other people also use a Nizoral which is the medicated shampoo very strong very heavily fragrance I've tried it it does work.

 But it is so drying on my skin I cannot I can't use it on top of that female season can actually grow resistance to that and it can start having flare-ups over time however with zinc parathion that actually cannot happen overall I just like to be a lot more safer with my type of skincare so I like a lot of this onto my skin it is very gentle for every single day to have use all .
Use it at night this is one of the few face washes that you can actually use for fungal acne treatment that won't dry you and you can actually use it as a face wash it's also only ten dollars actually I think everything in my skincare routine is less than $20 so you're welcome I appreciate you and like I said I like to keep things a very simple I do not mess out on my skincare.

Which is Best Product For Skin ? 

So, the next thing that I do is an occlusive AKM oyster Iser I do actually use octaves on my skin like Chemical exfoliants and vitamin C it's not really necessary this is my true skincare tea and everything else that I do I add on and it's seasonal and I'll use it when I I need it.

 while my face is actually damned I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to apply some therapy a baby cream I think I have a trend going on with baby products baby products tend to be a lot more soothing and a lot more gentle on the skin there is nothing wrong with using baby product on adult skin and it's kind of like men and female products like the products don't have a gender themselves like anybody can use them .

It doesn't really matter I really like this because it was super super occlusive and very moisturizing but it doesn't Meowth and that is one of my biggest issues when it comes to moisturizers you might want to be careful with a syrupy line if you do have a very sensitive skin. 

Which Acne Cure And Products?

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

I know that a lot of people with fungal acne actually can't use a care be because they have fatty alcohols and cholesterol and like I said before that could be a trigger for fungal acne it wouldn't really hurt to try it it's very cheap and it has a lot of product and if it doesn't work out you can always use it as a body wash or as a body of moisturizer.

 That is actually the end of my skincare routine. like I said I really like to keep things very simple I do not mess around when it comes to my skincare it is so much better to keep things simple the less products you use the better and don't let any type of marketing tell you otherwise because that's just not true and while everything else that I did just talk about it .

Completely unspun sered and completely products that I've purchased on my own we actually do have a sponsor for this video this company actually allowed me to use this product for a couple weeks now to kind of dictate whether I like it or not and kind of for my own thoughts so despite the fact that I am affiliated with this company these are 100% my own thoughts .

Sleeping Position Also Important

HOW TO GET CLEAR Glowing SKIN | Cheap Products That Saved My skin And Tips

the product inquestion is called Abby's sleep in glow a pillow so basically the sleeping Glo pillow is a memory foam pillow that has these kind of crema stays on the middle and the sides and it cradles your neck in your head in a way that it actually prevents wrinkles now .

obviously I am six years old I do not know anything about wrinkles and that is obviously a very big claim cover when you do think about the logistics of it it actually makes sense I am a side sleeper so whenever I wake up in the morning I definitely do have like the pillow marks on my face and obviously over time that can become indented wrinkles especially as you age so just getting rid of that mechanical stress to begin with is already helping a lot and I can definitely say that I slept on my side on this pillow so many times now and since my face actually doesn't touch a pillow but I'm still getting that support. 

I actually don't wake up with anything on my face on top of that because of the way that is shaped and also the fact that it's a memory foam it actually helps with your neck posture and for this part I can actually vouch a hundred percent this genuinely doesn't work for that my whole life I've always had a very sore and stiff neck because of the way that I sleep I have finally stop having those night pains.

 Ever since I started using this pillow if you guys would like to support me I do get a commission every single time you use the code and use the link down below no pressure though just the fact that you guys will watch this video up until this very last moment is quite enough for me so thank you for that as well and yeah that's pretty much it for this.
Did you have any acne stories any tips any products that could help somebody else definitely leave them down below thank you so much for Reading This Post if you guys like my art if you guys like my energy please the like comment and  and Check My Other Blog and down below if you don't already turn on posting to vacations and I will see you guys in the future bye bye.

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