How To Become A Basketball Coach

Today I'm going to talk with you about how do you get involved in basketball coaching when I think about this topic I think about four things that I believe a person should have :- 

  • Should have a love of the game
  • Strategies and tactics
  • You should volunteer
  • Committed over the long term

1. Should have a love of the game

The first thing is love of the game. I don't know how you can acquire this other than is natural for me personally I acquired my love of the game by playing maybe you play as well.

I also acquired my love of the game by watching at a very young age I used to literally watch on television and I also went to many many basketball games.

Given that I'm from Philadelphia Pennsylvania my parents actually took me to many games I actually saw dr. Jane Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Tony I've seen these guys playing and just by going to the game and watching them play I learned a lot of the ins and outs of strategies at a high level and I simply just wanted to be around the game long term.

So number one I do believe you need to have a love of the game identify where that love has come from and use that to propel you forward to get into this great thing of coaching.

2. Educate, strategies and tactics To Great Coach

Educate yourself well on the strategies and tactics needed in order to be a great coach. How do you do it? What I did was I went and bought some books. I flipped through the books, looked at some drills. I bought a few coaching and looked at some of the tactics and strategies.

I picked up some DVDs from basketball coach com and I watched how other coaches run practices. I watch how other coaches implement some of those sets and by doing this over a long period of time I've acquired a baseline of knowledge.

So that now when I go coach a team I can pull lots of different things out of the head to impart on the youth in fact it also comes in handy when you're coaching the game because maybe you didn't show the kids everything in practice because you just hadn't gotten to that yet or it just wasn't applicable to that particular team but all of a sudden we have a link game situation.

You remember something that you picked up in this DVD or this seminar and you say all right ref ref ref ref let me give me a timeout give me a timeout so you call the guys in and you call a last-minute plane and you show the kids exactly what to do in order to be successful.

Then go out there and execute that's what books DVDs going to seminars will do. It will give you a strong baseline of knowledge so that during the actual game itself if you absolutely need to call a Punnett.

3. You should volunteer

You absolutely should volunteer get started now not tomorrow now I have a saying fire aim ready I don't believe it one that is aim ready fire because what's gonna happen is you're gonna suffer from something called analysis paralysis my position is let's get started and figure it out on the way and if you just say start it and figure it out on the way the easiest way to do it is to simply just be an assistant coach.

Well you don't have to really know all the ins and outs you can simply leverage off whoever the head coaches and learn that way so as I said before fire ain't ready get started now so what do you get started in go to a rack go to a rec league go to an inner mule League volunteers and assistant coach you'll be surprised they probably need a head coach great get thrown into the fire figure it out go get a book, go watch some DVDs, check out a seminar but get started now the faster you get started the fast and you'll get involved with this just-just-just that's a quick reference point I got started that way that was back at the Berkeley California YMCA downtown Berkeley that was my first basketball team I've ever coached from there I've SE coach they travel team than an AAU team then I was the assistant coach for a JV team and then eventually I worked my way all the way up to coaching varsity basketball and for the last ten years I've been the head coach of a 118 here in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

So get started man get started right away it is absolutely a wonderful thing.

Last but not least I want you to be committed then if you heard nothing else that I said in this video blog I want you to hear the fact that I have been committed I started this thing back in 1993 it is now the end of 2016 you run some quick numbers we're looking at 23 years and through that time I've gotten better and better and better and better and better and let me tell you something don't ever think your eyes I'll tell you let me tell me tell you this short story back in 2000 I want to say 2002 2003 I was involved maybe up to that point maybe 10 years.

I hooked up with this guy named Jim Hill and the reason why I thought with him was because the teams that I was coaching went from sixth grade seventh grade to eighth grade now they're in ninth grade they're in high school.

That whole team ended up going to the same high school and ultimately they play JV team I wanted to stick with that team so what I did was I found out who the coach was and I asked the coach cuz he graciously allow me to help him out and he said yes well guess what happened he was a college coach he had coached for twenty thirty years.

When I went to help him out in 2003 I found out what I didn't know. I thought I was there but man, after spending two years with him it was like wow.

I had so much to learn so ever since that point I make it a point to always study and what you can do is as I said before those books those seminars those DVDs that's gonna be a lifeblood of information that you're gonna need long term in order to be the coach that you want to be.

4. So be committed over the long term because the more you learn the more you will learn that you need to learn.

So in summary if you absolutely want to get involved in basketball coaching I want you to remember these four things number one I want you to love the game number two educate yourself on those strategies and tactics that you're going to need in between the lines number three volunteer not yesterday you volunteer.

Remember ready aim fire I don't like all of it I like fire ain't ready go that way start now figure it out as you go don't wait do it do it you can do it and then last but not least and I want you to be committed be committed over the long haul right don't just start and stop and start and stop stick to it stick to it because the more you stick to it the more you learn the more you're gonna be able to help the youth.

Because at the end of the day and this is the real reason why I coach you are using basketball or whatever sports you coach as a vehicle to impart wisdom and knowledge that's going to help the youth not just between the lines but in life as well until next time god bless and have a great day.

Become A Basketball Coach - Income, Opportunity 

Hello basketball coaches and basketball players my name is Praveen a basketball training and today I'm going to talk to you about how to become a professional basketball coach.

So I was asked this question by a subscriber about how to become a professional basketball coach now of course this is going to be different no matter where you are in the world. 

So this is going to be kind of like the North American version so in North America there is the NBA there is also the AG league which used to be called the delete' which is kind of like the development and development team for the or league for the NBA then there's also a few smaller leagues like I don't know if they're still around I should have checked this up before I made this post but there's also the ABA the American Basketball Association they kind of made a comeback a few years ago 

And then there's also a couple of leaks in Canada that as a player you don't really get paid all that much but at least you're playing professionally and you might have a chance to go somewhere and make more money afterwards. 

Being a professional coach Ways To Get Paid As Basketball coach

Now there's also a lot of different ways of looking at being a professional coach technically being a professional coach means that you're getting paid to coach basketball.

While this doesn't have to be necessarily having to make the NBA you in the States you can actually get paid to coach high school basketball. 

Up here in Canada not really it's a volunteer kind of ordeal so up here in Canada much different than the states down the states do you do get a pay in majority of the time. 

Two Way To Get Paid As A Basketball Coach

Now another way that you can get paid as a basketball coach is if you create either a league like a kind of like a house league where you can pay your coaches now that does get pretty expensive. 

So depending on the house league you might want to be volunteer at that point but then there is rep and AAU now most of the time these coaches are volunteer coaches. 

There is a business model that you can make them coaches I've made that in another post and I'll link that in a card if I remember I hope I do if you if I did it's there and but anyways that is another way that you can become a paid coach. 

Personal Basketball trainers

Now there's also being a trainer a lot of coats or a lot of players call their trainers coaches so you can look at it that way as well if you know a lot about the game of basketball you can get people to pay you to teach them about basketball which is what I do here in Hamilton Ontario.

1. benefit to being a volunteer coach for basketball - Salary, Income

Now there is a benefit to being a volunteer coach for basketball if you want to make it into a paid role as a volunteer you're learning the sport think of it as an internship and then after you've learned enough and you become a good enough coach you might have the ability to eventually become a paid basketball coach. 

Now up here in Canada one way that you can do that is they have multiple levels of coaches they've changed it to some weird wording I don't understand it any coach that has been around for ages don't really understand it either but it used to be levels one through four and five so I'm a level three coach they changed it to some weird wording but whatever. 

A level three coach in Canada can be a in most colleges and universities can be a head coach. 

But again you're not going to be getting paid millions to coach basketball in Canada and unless you're coaching at a college or university level or higher in the states.

2. Train Some Player And Make Extra 

You're not going to be getting paid a ton either but going back to the training why volunteering is so good is because you can volunteer to coach your 10-20 players and then from there you might be able to get two or three players from that team to train with you. 

At forty to fifty to sixty dollars per hour and they were to train once or twice a week at that point you're now getting to let's say two players over the twelve want to train with you. 

Now you're getting an extra hundred dollars a week where before you didn't have that so that at least gets you around $400 a month now you can scale this quite large.

So up here in Canada there's some coaches that actually coach two three and four teams now if you can get three or four players on average for me it's usually around three players when I used to volunteer coach. 

It used to be about three players per team and I was coaching two teams at the time so that's six players and from there six players at $50 per hour and they're all training once a week you're now looking at some good $300 a week which is about $1,200 a month and that's not bad believe me that's not bad money considering that you're you would be only working six hours a week. that's a fantastic part-time job. 

Then what you're hoping for is word-of-mouth you're hoping for those three or six players to go and tell their friends who also play basketball and then you can do some deals where you're like if you tell somebody about me you get half off your next session that kind of thing there's many different business models that you can run yourself. 

You can't you have to know basketball there's a ton of trainers and coaches in this area to say hey I'll train you for 10 bucks an hour I wouldn't go with them $10 an hour is less than minimum wage up here in Canada keep that into perspective. 

But these are some ways that you can be a professional basketball coach a paid basketball coach anyways I hope that this post has helped some of you coaches and trainers out there.

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