How To Start A Religion - Start Religion Legally

[Religion Help] How To Start A Religion - Start Religion Legally

Jesus Christ, Mohammad, l Ron Hubbard all of them started their own religion they attracted millions of followers and became powerful beyond belief so why can't you this is epic how to epic. 

To start your own religion you need to create a belief system filling the blanks of the following sentences you should have the basic tenets of your religion. 

The best way to live your life is blank when you die you go to blank the one true vessel of God is to insert religious figure here. 

Those are some pretty big blanks to fill you probably don't have a definite answer and let's be honest no one does. 

So why not have your religion piggyback off of an existing religious faith almost all of the successful religious movements from the last 200 years have been offshoots of existing religions and of all those new religious movements the most have sprung forth from Christianity. 

Take Mormonism which is pretty much just Christianity but with Joseph Smith at the helm or the Christian Scientists who had the anti-medicine writings of founder Mary Baker Eddy - basic Christian tenets at no extra cost or Westboro Baptist Church which was Fred Phelps way of answering the question can Christianity be a little more hateful. 

How To Start A Religion - Start Religion Legally

Now with Christianity as your foundation the sky's the limit for your religion every religion has a symbol to identify themselves like the Christian cross or the star and crescent of Islam and since you can't compete with their thousands of years of brand recognition why not modify a pre-existing popular symbol.

Unfortunately, you're not going to be able to use the logos of Apple Nike Coca Cola or any other instantly recognizable symbols without being sued. 

However, you can use the recycling logo it's public domain and royalty-free and it's one of the top ten most well-known logos in the world. 

Now that you have your religion you need to find your followers 71% of Americans who embrace new religions do so between 18 and 24 years of age so you should appeal to the youth demographic. 

How To Start A Religion - Start Religion Legally

Studies show that social media is the biggest single influencer in the lives of Millennials so you should base your religion on that studies also show that people enduring high levels of stress are the most susceptible to the promises of happiness and helmet can provide a cheer religion provides salvation for the tire the overworked. 

The social media theme Christianity offshoot religion will have stressed-out Lilly kneels ready to follow you to the ends of the earth but where can you find these young poor unfortunate souls why the City of Angels Los Angeles it has the highest concentration of cults and religions in the country. 

Every day young people move there with big dreams and an even bigger sense of desperation. 

They're often easy prey for belief systems that promise happiness and spiritual fulfillment like yours. 

You've established your base now you have to go national targeting a bigger religion will bring your religion a lot of free publicity. 

Take the American Atheists in 2013 the group made major headlines by putting up billboards in Times Square encouraging people to give up the myth of Christ all the attention led to a huge increase in interest in atheism we google searches for the term atheism more than doubling during the incident. 

Can't afford a Times Square billboard put up a monument to your religion on city property that's what Satan is did in Oklahoma will it ruffle some feathers and get taken down of course publicity is priceless. 

A house of worship seems essential to any religion but how can you compete with that historical majesty and grandeur of those hundreds of years old cathedrals good news you don't have to hundreds of churches operate solely online the Universal Life Church has grown steadily on the web for decades your flock of Millennials spends most of their time online anyway. 

Now let's get to the best part of having your own religion the tax benefits filing for the 501c3 lets you gain tax-exempt status meaning your religion doesn't have to pay taxes sweet that's right not a single cent any money donated to your religion is yours to keep and use as you wish the only catch is that your religions income can't go directly to a private individual and that it can't be used to influence legislation. 

Yeah right so don't follow your money to your mom and don't talk about politics and you're all set to conclude look at you you're now the leader of the profitable Christian social-media ists who says there's no more miracle in the world.

Simple Way To Start A Religion

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