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There are multiple people here who are looking for some way to send some private messages to any Facebook friend or any Facebook pages.

So in this post, I will discuss some of the easy ways to send a private message to your Facebook friend easily.

So if you want to send a private message to your Facebook friend then you must know their Facebook profile at least.

There are many different types of devices where users use Facebook and every device have some separate steps like if you are using Facebook in mobile or using Facebook in desktop both are different so in this post, I will cover all the device where people use Facebook.

Devices to Be Covered in This Post:-

1. Smartphone Android
2. Send Message To Facebook Page 
3. iPhone 
4. Desktop

These 3 Devices are the most used Facebook platform so in this post I will cover the steps to send private Facebook messages on these 3 devices.

1. How to Send Facebook Private Message On Android Device.

The Private Messages on the android devices are very simple and easy like other devices. On an android device, you must have the Facebook messenger app to send a message to your friends without FB messenger you can't even see or write messages to your friends.

If you don't want to install heavy apps like Facebook and Facebook messenger then you can install Facebook lite.

Facebook Lite is the lite version of Facebook which uses less space and you can easily run Facebook on it and see your friends' posts.

In Facebook lite, you don't even need a messenger to message some, and the Facebook lite interface is not that good because in Fb lite they reduce graphics and smoothness for good and lag-free performance.

1. Open Facebook and log in with your password or username otherwise create a new account.

2. Go to the Search Bar.


3. Search your friend's name or number to find them or Search the Facebook page which you want to message privately.


4. Go to the Profile.

5. Click on the message icon as shown below in screenshot {If you have messenger than you can message otherwise install it on your device}


6. Write a message and send them.

Facebook does not allow you to read your conversion or your private message to someone else you can easily write a message and send it to some without any worry the private message between you and your friends or the Facebook page does not share publically.

{Note:- No message on Facebook is private if anyone takes a screenshot fo your message or record a video of your message then the message is public in another way}

2. How to Send Private Message To Facebook Page.

You can also easily send private messages to Facebook pages if you want to communicate with Facebook page admin throw Facebook.

So in this, I will show you some quick steps to message the Facebook page privately. 


1. Go to Facebook Mobile App [In Desktop open website]


2. login with your account [Create a new account in case you don't have one]
3. Click on the search options bar and search the name of the Facebook page Or Go to the pages   section where you find you all liked pages.


4. Go to the page or your friends profile.


5. Click Send Message below the Pages cover photo.


6. Write your message and click on the Send button to send your Facebook private message successfully.


3. Send a Private Facebook Message On Your iPhone Device. 

The Facebook app interface is different in all device so in the android facebook there are easy to find the Facebook pages option and profile but in case of the iso the Facebook app is not totally different and many people always use android and after switching to iso the are unable to find where to send a message and find profile.

So In this post, I will show you how you can send private messages on the iso device.

In the iso device, you required messenger also and there is no Facebook lite app for iso like an android.

Go and download the messenger app if you want to send and receive a message from Facebook.


1. Open the Facebook app on your iso device.

2. Go to the search bar on the upper top.

3. Search the Facebook Account by their name.

4. Select the Profile or page.


5. Click on the message icon showing in down below screenshot.


6. After that you will redirect to the messenger app and there you can write your message after that click on send to successfully send a private message to some or page.

4. Send Private Facebook Message On Your Desktop/ Laptop/Pc .

To send a private message on the desktop is much easier than mobile and iso devices. Because in the mobile devices you required two apps to send a single private message but on desktop.

You only required a good internet connection and a browser.

Follow the steps to send private messages on the desktop.


1. Go the Browser.

2. Open


3. Log in Facebook with your account or create a new account if you don't have one.

4. Click on the right side search bar to search the account or page you want to send a private message to.

5. Select the profile and open it.


6. After that click on the small messenger icon as shown in the image down below.


7. Then a small pop-Up Box open.


8. Write your message and click on the Send button to send it.

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