How To Do Ferris Bueller Challenge Bitlife

Do Ferris Bueller Challenge Bitlife

Welcome to the Asktop10 I'm going to tell you guys how to do the Ferris Bueller challenge bitlife
I got 60th place in the entire world that's the best I've ever done in a challenge all right so comment down below whatever number that you finished out.

Follow These 5 Steps To Complete Ferris Bueller Challenge in Bitlife

1.  Thing you got to do is be a male it's pretty easy. 

2. Date a girl in school it's pretty easy to go over here to classmates and then just try to ask one of these out hopefully it works  

3. The third thing you got to do is skip class we all know how to do that it's just go over private school elementary so in middle school, you can skip school and that is the third one. 

4. All you got to do is insult the principal so all you got to do is just go to your classmates and then just mess with them and then hopefully get sent to the principal. 

Go straight to the principal and insult them so do that insult the principle that's the fourth one 

5. You have to go to crime and then steal a car but you have to age a little bit for that.

If You Don't Understand Upper Steps Than The Video Tutorial Down Below Is For You To Understand Completely:- 

You got the challenge all right so that's gonna be it for today hope this helped You 

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