You are currently viewing 9 Best Newly Launch Movies Download App For Free [Oct 2022]

9 Best Newly Launch Movies Download App For Free [Oct 2022]

Here are the Latest Movies Download Apps to Watch Movies Online Or Download The Movie or Web series easily on your android device. Download Movies On Apps For Free. These Are the Best Working Movie Download App. Easily Download And Watch Offline movies or web series.

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Tubi Movies Download App
Tubi Movies Download App

A combination of on-demand content, including TV shows, movies, and live streaming channels, is available on the free streaming service Tubi.

Tubi inserts adverts and commercials into the content to make up for the lack of a monthly membership. There is no original content produced by Tubi [Movies Download App]. Instead, it relies on tens of thousands of hours of programming from MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate among other studios.

The 2014-founded company, with its headquarters in San Francisco, also provides services to Canada and Australia. It was revealed in 2020 that FOX had paid $440 million to purchase Tubi. The Los Angeles Times said that at the time of the transaction, Tubi had about 25 million active monthly users.


Youtube Movies Download App

YouTube (Movies Download App) is a great resource for entertainment and information while you watch videos on your phone. Download the app from Google Play or iTunes to gain access to millions of videos covering anything from DIY projects to self-help topics.

On the other hand, you can download a tonne of free movies to an Android device through YouTube. It’s also the most user-friendly platform for watching free movies online.

For the greatest results, users should grant YouTube access to their current location so that the app can deliver content tailored to their tastes and location.

Bee TV

Using the Bee TV app, you may find movies, television shows, and documentaries based on your mood. You can find several excellent books here that you will undoubtedly like.

Bee tv Movies Download App

To be clear, Bee TV can be a good, cost-free substitute for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has a simple UI that is very reminiscent of these platforms. To find his given stuff, one can go into required categories with ease.

The decision to view free movies online or offline is up to the consumer. The developers also offer a download option for movies and television series.

Cinema HD

A free software for Android called Cinema HD lets users watch movies and TV shows. It is not connected to any on- or off-line theatre. Users don’t have to pay a dime to see the most recent movies.

cinema hd Movies Download App

All you have to do is download the app to your phone and create an account with Cinema HD. The Cinema HD software includes a tonne of features that let users stream high-definition videos from their smartphones. They can also read the synopsis, see the trailers, and even spread information about the movies they’ve seen.

People who enjoy streaming video may find the Cinema HD app to be a terrific option, especially if they have never used any other apps like it before. Due to its operating system compatibility, it is also a fantastic choice for individuals who wish to watch their favorite movies whenever and wherever they choose (Android, iOS).

Popcorn Time

A well-known brand in the world of torrenting and media downloads is Popcorn Time. How much do you really know about this app, though? The following information will help you understand just how amazing Popcorn Time is.

popcorn time Movies Download App

You can choose your preferred movie using the navigation on the home page or the search box to begin taking advantage of Popcorn Time. Once you’ve found it, you may use a BitTorrent client to begin the download.

Yes, Popcorn Time’s charm is in its ability to help you find your favorite films and television shows and make it simple for you to download them to your Android smartphone.


A cloud-based Internet streaming media service that enables customers to stream and buys movies and TV shows is offered by the American company Vudu. Vudu was established in 2004 as a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. subsidiary before being bought out by Walmart in 2010.

vudu Movies Download App

Although it is free to download the Vudu app, you can also buy films or seasons on the Vudu website or in the Apple App Store. Purchases are instantly added to your Vudu library after being made. Using the Vudu app, you may view these on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The only annoying aspect of Vudu is the delivery of the adverts before you can download your favorite movies.


You may download videos from social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others with the software Vidmate. Because it is simple to use and provides a variety of download options, the VidMate app has been recognized as one of the top video downloading apps.

vidmate Movies Download App

You can download the MP4 version of the video with just a few clicks. The same holds true for those who want to download movies to view later.

It functions essentially like a web browser that gives you access to online video. Additionally, you have the choice to download any intriguing media whenever you like.


Watch movies and TV episodes online or through a mobile app with Crackle, an American online media streaming service. It has been operating for more than 10 years and has a long history of collaborating with the biggest Hollywood producers. They collaborate with well-known production companies like Lions Gate Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., and Paramount Pictures.

crackle Movies Download App

On Android, users may download free movies for free via Crackle, but only after enduring some app advertising. However, it’s the greatest option for people who don’t want to wait around for lengthy periods of time simply because their internet connection is slow, as Crackle can significantly speed up downloading and streaming services.

That all these are famous popular apps for watching movies online for free without paying for an extra subscription to the apps. Hope you get the app that you want. Just enjoy the free content on these apps and save the video or movie to your download so you can easily watch these movies for free in these apps

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