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Free dating app in India No Registration Required – 2021

As you know there are many fake dating apps available in the play store for free and many people create their fake accounts on the dating apps for some reason and you find your match but it is a fake match. In this post, I will show you the 5 best dating apps For Free which you can install and find your perfect partner in it so let’s continue.

Free dating app in india for MarriageGirlfriend No Registration Required - 2020

Que 1. How To Use App Without Registration

Sol – It is possible to use the dating apps without registration if you want to use the dating apps without registration then you need to follow the following step down below.

Step 1:-  open dating app

Step 2:-  They ask for email or mobile (if there is the option of email than select email or there is a required phone number then keep reading for that )

Step 3
:- For Email User here is the link to get temp email for free which is called disposable mail you can use it for login to the dating apps 

Step 4
:-  Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email Click here to go to disposable mail 

Step 5
:- If there they ask for a mobile number then you have to log in with another option because there is a fake mobile number available but they all are paid or here I can tell you only free methods to log in 

Step 6
:- if there is any other option for logins like Facebook or google account than bomb you log in easily using FB or google 

Step 7
:-  To create an FB or google account you can use the above disposable mail to make a fake google account and log in.

Step 8
:- Don’t worry about Google and Facebook they don’t ask you mobile number in the new account. They ask for your contact details when your account gets 5-6 day old after creation. 

Step 9
:-  So let’s enjoy the temp account of your dating app and find your crush online 

Step 10:- Thnx for reading check out the top 10 dating apps also:- (down below )

::- 5 Most Famous Dating Apps In India

1. Tinder.

2. Facebook Dating

3. eHarmony

4. Grindr

5. Hinge
Let’s talk about the apps in brief and also talk about the interface of the apps:-

1 Tinder. 

Source: TinderOfficial
Tinder is also one of the famous dating apps available on the play store tinder claim that they may match laks of couples together but there are many fake accounts also and tinder has a subscription that does not allow you to watch those who are interested in you. you only find when they select you also in the app by swipe right. tinder is geosocial networking and dating application

This app shows you anonymously so you can decide to like or dislike that person. the users can also like and dislike by seen their profile or small bio or common interest.

This app is available on play store and app store both the platform you can simply just download the tinder app and enjoy your journey.

2. Facebook Dating

Free dating app in india for MarriageGirlfriend No Registration Required - 2020

After the huge success of the Facebook app, Facebook decided to go on the dating app so recently facebook created their dating app which name is facebook dating which has a good interface, and many users registered this app.

The app is not very famous but it’s a new startup from Facebook which I think will succeed soon.

This is the first business of love Facebook to enter and I think Facebook can beat the other dating apps like tinder huge. Etc so let’s wait and check what happens next. This app is first launched in the USA and now it’s available in many countries and regions so you can check your region.

if this app is available then you can easily download this app from the play store otherwise if this app is not available in your region you have to download this app from the third-party website if your region has users then install other wishes you don’t get good matches.

3. eHarmony

I know that this post is about dating apps and I am showing you dating sites. There is a reason to index this site in this list because there are many fake apps and websites. There are not any good or real apps for dating so I index this site. After checking many reviews about this site I index this here. on this site you don’t need to download the app but if you want there is an app also from this website you can download that app from the play store.

This website claims that every day they get married 438 people and it is one of the trusted dating sites available in the online market and also it is free to use. You can easily use this site for free. You just need to make an account and there you can go so go and check out the site now 🙂

4. Grindr ( Dating app for gay bi )


Grindr is also a famous dating app. The download of Grindr is not very high but this app is also a famous dating app if all app does not work for you. you can use this app for dating. 

Grindr has a nice and easy to use interface which allows users to easily access their services from anywhere. It is also a free app. You can download it from Play Store or any other website easily if this app is available in your region.

5. Hinge


Hinge is a dating app that is created by Justin McLeod. This app was founded in 2012. hinge is easier to use or satisfy app compare to there competitor because it is an old app industry and the developer of the app know very well and they also design the interface of this app easy to use or easy to access to anyone after the year 2015 the download of the hinge app is increased because when the app invented there is no one in the world who know proper about the dating app after the launch of this app there are a small number of users use this app so in 2021 the user list of this app is also increasing in a good rate.

You can easily download this app on any platform either ios or android. This app is available on the play store you can go and check out now and install this app.

I hope you find your perfect match

Thanks for reading Have a Good Day may you find your wife or crush thanks for giving your expensive time

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