How To Reset Astro A50 Easily | Hard Reset Astro A50

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How everyone in this post I will show you how you can reset the Astro a50 Headset easily. I spent lots of time with the Astro A50 Headset and the headset gives awesome sound quality and good durability. and it been 2 years since I continue using this Astro Headset and there is no problem at all.

The Astro A50 Headset is mostly used with  PS4, PC, and Mac and delivers Top quality sound. It is only made for that platform or it is comfortable with this platform.
The hard reset of Astro a50 also solves the problem of No Power and No Charging So if you are facing this issue then must follow the step and hope it help and your problem will solve this hard reset process and turn the Astro a50 setting back to there default so that if there is any software problem that will solve easily with this hard reset. 
This headset has the latest technology so many people don’t know how to hard reset this beast and so they search here and there for the reset guide.   
So in this post, I will explain to you in full detail how you can hard reset this Astro A50 Headset and use it back easily.   
So just follow the steps given down below and you can easily reset your Astro A50 Headset and enjoy your gaming, video, or music. 

Steps To Hard Reset Astro A50 Headset:-

Step 1:- First Remove Your Headset From Stand.
Step 2:- Turn the Headset On.
Step 3:- Then Hold The Dolby Sign Button Between Power and Eq. [Middle Button] + Hold Game Button For At least 15-30 Seconds And It Will reboots automatically wait for the reboot. 
Step 4:- The Reboot Process is complete then you can use your headset and enjoy your wonderful sound. 

So if these steps do not work for you I will attach a video tutorial so you can check that also if the steps won’t work for you and if any problem you are facing related to Astro A50 then let me know in the comment section so I will definitely answer the problem as soon as possible.

Video Tutorial To Hard Reset Astro A50 Headset:-


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