How to use 2 Whatsapp Account in Any Smartphone – samsung,oppo,vivo,redmi etc.

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In today’s world there are many mobile numbers a single person has . Some people use a single whatsapp and some use a dual whatsapp . A businessman requires dual whatsapp because he wants to separate their business whatsapp and family whatsapp that is also a reason people are searching for dual whatsapp on the web . so in this post i show you how to use dual whatsapp in any smartphone or which device has inbuilt features to use multiple whatsapp accounts and which device doesn’t have that feature . don’t worry if your device don’t have the feature follow my step and you can easily get two whatsapp on your smartphone so let’s get started :- 

How to use 2 Whatsapp Account in Any Smartphone - samsung,oppo,vivo,redmi etc.

1. Samsung Device .

This method is for samsung users because they don’t have inbuilt app for multiple messaging and that’s why samsung users have to download an app name parlar space which is available on play store free of cost and one click download. 

But some of the Samsung devices have inbuilt options for multiple messaging apps . Those users follow the step down below :-

1. Go into the Settings 
How to use 2 Whatsapp Account in Any Smartphone - samsung,oppo,vivo,redmi etc.

2. Advanced features

3. then tap on Dual Messenger 

4. A list of Dual Messenger will be displayed

5.Toggle the switch of the app you wish to use a separate account

6. Check The Disclaimer and Tap Confirm to continue.

7. Now a second app has been installed.

How to use 2 Whatsapp Account in Any Smartphone - samsung,oppo,vivo,redmi etc.

Images For Understand Better 🙂

Those Who Don’t have that option just “click “(direct link no ads)  here to download the app from playstore 


2. Mi, Oppo, VIVO, Redmi and Oneplus Users :- 

All the mobile of china comes with these features you can easily install two apps in these phones without installing any third party apps.

The dual app feature is similar to the second space feature. The second space feature allows the user to create two OS scenarios while the dual app feature allows users to create two operating system instances. The second space is also one of the great features of Xiaomi and works on the MIUI 8 version as a dual app. It’s also one of the best when it comes to user privacy. With the help of a second space, you can have your own private space for your device.

Enabling dual app feature is very easy. Of course you have to go into the phone setting to change the app feature. You will see a different app icon on your home screen when the feature displays an app example. Let’s get started.

Check Out How TO Enable This Option :- 

1. Go to the mi, oneplus, redmi etc smartphone setting.
2. There is an option named “dual apps “ click on it .
3. If there is no option go to the additional setting or search the dual app in the search bar .
4. Choose the application you want to clone only those application show there which is cloneable 
5. Toggle The application name to clone 
6. Accept the term or condition by clicking on continue button
7. Here we go your application successful clone go to home screen and check 

Other Way’s To Clone Apps :- 

These days, people are choosing to have a Phone appliance where they can run two mobile networks. One is for personal use and the other for legal purposes. At the same time, most people use the WhatsApp messenger on their smartphones, but there is a limit. We cannot use two different accounts on WhatsApp on the same smartphone.

However, there are many third-party apps available in the Play Store that allow you to use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. These apps help you install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone and be able to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on these apps at the same time.

However, there is good news for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, they would also not have to face any problem if they wanted to use two WhatsApp accounts on their smartphone. The Korean mobile maker has introduced a new feature known as “Dual Messenger” in their new mobile phone firmware based on Google Android 8.0 Oreo which enables users to install two different accounts with the same communication system or messenger app.

With this new “Dual Messenger” feature you are able to use and use two different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on your same Samsung Galaxy phone. Most interestingly, you can also have two Facebook accounts, Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, LINE and more.



The process of installing two WhatsApps on the same smartphone is very easy. You don’t have to make much effort on it. If you want to install a second WhatsApp account then follow the simple steps given below.

To use this new feature, the following steps will help you:

1. Go to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy computer.

2. Now tap on the “Advanced” option.

3. Scroll down and you will be able to see the “Dual Messenger” option. Tap on it.

4. It will automatically receive installed apps that can be used with the Dual Messenger feature. Compatible apps will be listed under the “Available apps” section.

You only have to tap on the device switch to be enabled next to WhatsApp to enable Dual Messenger.

5. Your smartphone will ask you for confirmation to install a second WhatsApp account. Click the Install button.

6. Now open the artist / launcher app and here you will get to see two WhatsApp icons. One WhatsApp icon Is the original whatsapp icon another WhatsApp icon created by the Dual Messenger feature. You will see a small orange icon in the bottom right corner of the duplicate application icon.

7. Everything is set. You can now use both apps and you can sign in using two different mobile numbers.

Needless to say, it is such an amazing feature brought by Samsung. We hope users will enjoy this addition by the company as they now have to put more effort into the installation of two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone.

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