[Top 10] Best PUBG Mobile Players In Whole World. 2021 Aug Updated

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[Top 10] Best PUBG Mobile Players In Whole World. 2021 Aug Updated.

Top 10 best Pubg Mobile players in whole world. Based On There Gameplay

In this list, we will discuss the top 10 best pubg mobile players available in the worldwide and also some of my reviews about the player there are many good players I know but this list is based on pubg player who streams the games and has many fan base.

Don’t worry this list is not on their subscriber this is based on their gameplay and strategy. All the players selected here are only a mobile player. 

We don’t include dynamo,gtx,mdcrazy,or any other emulator player because a mobile game design for mobile is not for pc. 

1. RRQD2E – 

His team won the star challenge. He has his YouTube channel where he showcases his crazy reflexes. 

He is also a tactical player, which is a treat to watch.he is also a good player and has nice combat skills. 

2. Cloud9_Rolex – 

This man really knows how to play. He is the only pure thumb player on this list, which makes him even more awesome. 

Rolex also is the most loved player and has professional experience in pubg gameplay they made their own strategy and plan.

3. Athena Gaming – 

This man is the God of reflexes. He shreds squads like no other. You better kill him with a headshot. If he spotted you while shooting, you are dead. This is because of several hours of gameplay and solo vs squad gameplays. 

they must take 30 kills in every video available on the youtube channel. the channel name and his name are the same. Her original name is different but everyone called him Athena.

4. Hyper_Coffin – 

This man knows how to kill people, strategically or with pure skill. This man is a beast. 

The hyper coffin is one of the best mobile streamers and one of the best players in pubg mobile. 

They also have a youtube channel you can check it out on youtube.

5. BiuBiu – 

Made his channel only recently and he picked up really fast. A Malaysian who is learning English. 

A very good player. They don’t have a good Indian fan base but their gameplay and skill attract worldwide audiences to their youtube channel.

6. SouL_Vicky – 

The leader of the clan. I got many times with a match with him. He was alone in his squad. We had a tough time killing him. 

An underrated player because his gameplay isn’t recorded. soul Vicky is mostly played with mortals and other soul squads because of their gameplay and their performance in-game.

7. MortaL – 

Already got viral in the Indian gaming circuit. He made Dp-28 popular. He is more of a strategic player rather than a skillful player. 

If you are Indian and you love pubg still you don’t know the mortal then you are not a true fan of pubg. mortals play many pmpl , pmco and also win some tournaments.

8. CrEeEpy – 

You won’t know him as he doesn’t record his gameplay. He is my conqueror partner with the same ID. In season 3, 

He had a K/D of 16. This man is a close range, God. He has god-level sniping and ar.

9. Xcaliburelite – 

If you are a player of season 3, this man was ruling the squad in the wins section with a consistent top 5 rank in Asia. 

He is a friend with a K/D of 7 with over 600 squad games.

10. LO_Richie – 

Lo_richie is a good friend of Rolex. who plays quite well with AR and sniper Also a Good Rusher. 

He is the clan member of Powerbang Gaming known as Lights Out.

I don’t watch PUBG PC streaming that much. But goes without saying 

  1. Shroud
  2. ChocoTaco
  3. Just9n
  4. Lurn
  5. Wadu 

are my favorite players. When the games come on pc the god of pc games is these heroes. no one can beat them.

We regularly meet in-game and are mesmerized by their talent. Positive mention to all the unsung players who. Shoutout to all the unsung heroes of PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

Small Bried List Here:-

2. Cloud9_Rolex
3. Athena Gaming
4. Hyper_Coffin
5. BiuBiu
6. SouL_Vicky
7. MortaL
8. CrEeEpy
9. Xcaliburelite
10. LO_Richie

Thanks For Reading And Giving Your Expensive Time 🙂 

Top 10 best Pubg Mobile players in whole world. Based On There Gameplay

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