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[BEST 7] Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike | Cell Phone Mount

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[Best 7] Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount

Hello Everyone, many bikers love to travel to new places and they don’t know about the proper location where they are going to visit.

So that they use the Map on smartphone ether Google Map Or Apple Maps But that’s not a problem while seeing the map during riding is a risk if you don’t have proper Accessories.

So in this post, we are looking Top 7 best accessories so you can see the map or access your smartphone during a bike ride.

During the bike ride if you don’t have a cell phone holder then you have to stop and see the Map to know the location and your destination. 
So in this post, we are looking for a cell phone holder which is very strong to hold your mobile during the bike ride and You can easily See your map Or Acces your smartphone easily without putting out or in many times Your Smartphone Will Always in front of your eye you can easily access them anytime.

The cell phone holder in this list are comfortable with both iPhone and Android Smartphones so you can easily put any size cell phone In the holder.

But there are many cell phone holder which is made for only iPhone or Android phone so make sure to see the product description to know the proper detail of the product and then you can buy it from the below link. 

The cell phone holders on this list are 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about rain. you can continue your Ride during rain or any weather. Your phone will be safe on the cove

I research approx 5 days to find the best waterproof cell phone case. Read Many Users Review and Product Specification and Youtube Video Than I Prepare These 7 Best Cell Phone List.

The Waterproof cell phone Cover in this list are:-


List Of Top 7 Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike- Cell Phone Holder:-

1. Opamoo Bicycle Phone Mount Bags Phone Holder Case.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Opamoo
Image: Obama

This cover Supports cell phones below size 6.5 Inches. Easy Fit on iPhone, x,8,7,6s, 6, and Plus 5s / Also support Samsung series of Galaxy S8 s7 Note 7. This cover has also a sealed zipper to provide you with higher protection from water.

This cover also has an opening port for cable where you can easily connect your wireless Waterproof Headphone and Listen to Music Easily in Rainy Weather.

In this cover, you can get a big enough space to hold your stuff during a long ride. You can easily hold Battery, Energy gel, Small Tire pump, Keys, Repair Kits, and A well As Well easily in this cover. And everything will be safe from water. So this is large enough cover to hold your things.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount opamoo

The cover Is For Operations Because It has 3 Velcro straps that are firm enough to hold the cover tightly on your bike also comes with 1 Velcro commuter strap on the front, 1 Velcro commuter straps on the lover bottom of the cover, 1 Long Commuter strap on the upper bottom which provides a stronghold to your cover.

Good Features In Short


✔ Stay Dry
✔ Professional Sun Visor
 Waterproof Zipper
 3 Velcro Straps
✔ Earphone And Sub-USB Cable Hole

 Stiff zipper (probably a result of the water resistance)

This will definitely don’t move from their position no matter where are you riding your bike. So Check the Cover Go For it’s a pretty cool and good-looking cover in your budget.

2. ROCK BRO Waterproof Bike Phone Mount.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount-Rock bro
Image: Rock Bro

The Rock Bro new waterproof Mobile cover comes with large storage which holds many kinds of stuff Like iPhone x, Energy gel, Small Tire pump, Repair kits, wallet, keys, etc.

The Cover Can easily fit the mobile size below 6.5 Inches and Fully support mobile Like iPhone XR, MAX, XS, X, 8, 7, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 5s / Also Support Samsung Device Like Galaxy S8, S7, S7 Note. 

The cover is completely Shake-proof and Non Deforming bike front frame bag. The bike phone bag has a highly sensitive TPU Film, You can easily use your cell phone during bike riding, see your activities, and also access maps during riding.

This cover also has a hidden hole, Where you can put any headphones or earphones and listen to your favorite song while riding and you can also pick up important calls during the ride.

This cover also has 3 Velcro straps firms that are enough to hold your smartphone on your bike Without any worry. The 1 velcro commuter strap on the front and also 1 longer velcro commuter strap on the upper top bottom of the holder.

Good Features In Short


The Bag is made up of carbon fiber material with a sealed double zipper closure so there is no chance that water can enter into the bag. Also, the sun visor and flashing board are good quality so you can easily use your smartphone during rainy or sunny days.

3. Whale Fall Bike Phone Mount Holder Portable 360°.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Whale white
Image: Whale White

Whale White Is the Best phone Cover for your bike because it looks very good and slim compared to other Mobile. 

The price of this cover is really nice according to its build.
The phone cover can easily fit in mobile devices which is less than 6.9 Inches and the cover comes with a sensitive touch screen.

This is a portable phone cover with the ability to store some important things in it like a wallet, Keys, and Powerbank. You can easily fit some of your items during your trip.

This cover also has a good feature where you can easily install and remove the cover anytime anywhere easily to avoid Theft.


Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Whale White

The Is comfortably fit in these devices:- iPhone 12/11/8Plus, SAMSUNG NOTE20/ And Galaxy A51 Etc. You can easily fit this Phone which is under 6.9 Inch Display Size.

Straps to hold the phone in place. love the fact that you can store your cards or IDs as well as keys you can zip up in this holder.

You also love the fact they provided a waterproof cover to put over the protector. The holder snaps into the harness and stays put throughout Your bicycle ride. 

Good Features In Short

Enough space
Zinc Alloy
Eco-Friendly Materials
Best Sight For Navigation
Waterproof Design

You can also turn the phone 360 degrees. And when You need to release the phone You can press the lever on the harness to detach it.

Otherwise, You just leave the protector in its harness and unzip the protector to remove Your phone when You have done riding the bicycle.

4. HENGORY Bike Phone Mount Waterproof.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Hengory
Image: HENRY

This is a HENGORY New Waterproof Mount Bag for your bicycle no matter if your smartphone is not waterproof This waterproof backpack has TPU Film windows Help you to use your cellphone While Riding there are full responsive screens You don’t have to face any type of issue while using.

The Bicycle waterproof phone holder is made with ultralight and good-looking carbon fiber material with sealed zipper closure. That ensures that water Does not flow into the bag and damage your phone. So you can easily use your smartphone on rainy days Easily.

The size of the mount is really good when you ride a bicycle there is no issue that the bag touches your legs etc. The large bag allows you to store many things like repair tools, keys, Wallets, and Batteries Etc So you can easily carry many things on your long journey.


Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Hengory

The Mount is very easy to install and remove so you don’t have to worry about when you leave your bicycle behind you can simply detach the bag and carry it with you. No Tools Requires.

Good Features In Short

Best Sight For Navigation
Waterproof Design


The Smartphones which are comfortable with this cover are below 6.2 inches, iPhone XR, XS MAX, X, 8, 7, 6s, 6 plus, 5s, Samsung Galaxy s8, s7, note 7 Etc. This mount is shockproof so your smartphone will always be safe in the case.

5. WATERFLY – Waterproof Bike Phone Mount.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount waterfly
The WATERFLY Mount also has a sensitive touch screen that is 100% Waterproof. The TPU Transparent touch screen allows you to see your activity and map during the ride and access your smartphone easily.

The Velcro Pads inside which keeps your smartphone safe from every type of shock. Always make your smartphone stable during a ride no matter the condition of the roads.

The Mount is completely waterproof made with waterproof polyester. The seamless double zipper always protects your smartphone and doesn’t let the water come in even in heavy and light rain.


Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount waterfly

There is also a hidden earphone hole down of the case which is easy to access. You can simply connect your headphones and enjoy music and call during the ride.

The large Main Pouch allows you to store many things like repair tools, Small Tire pumps, Bicycle repair tools, and keys, etc. as per your requirements. 

Good Features In Short

Sun visor
Transparent TPU phone case
Waterproof Design


The Case is compatible with every type of cell phone including iPhone XR XS MAX X 8 7 6s 6 plus 5s / Samsung Galaxy s8 s7 note 7 which is below 6.5 inches.

The Velcro straps on the back and bottom can be adjusted as you need. So it perfectly fits every type of bicycle and it grasps bicycle handles tightly. The Mount also has a Reflective PVC Edge which makes your bicycle visible even in the dark or night conditions safe for night cycling.

These Are Top5 Waterproof Bike Mount For Phone Remain 2 Are Not Waterproof But After Research I Found These 5 Are Best Waterproof Cover With Highly Demanded In UK And USA. 

6. SYOSIN Bike Phone Mount, Detachable 360° Rotation.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount SYOSIN

The SYOSIN Bike phone mount is a
portable mount you can easily install on your bike and remove it when you want. 

NOT Waterproof Cover.

The Mount offers 360 Degree Rotation to your smartphone. So you can freely adjust your smartphone in any direction as per your requirement.

The Design of the phone mount allows you to access all the function buttons of your smartphone. This mount is designed in that way so you can easily access buttons and No button will remain blocked.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount SYOSIN

This amount is different from other plastic mounts. This is made up of flexible silicone which can absorb some vibration so you can easily see your smartphone display. 

The Silicon always maintains your phone stable in every type of powerful vibration and shock.

This is a multiple-use Mout You can Easily use in motorcycles, strollers, Grocery carts, And wheelchairs Etc.

Good Features In Short
360 Degrees Rotation
Upgraded Detachable Bike Phone Holder
Safe Protection
Wide Compatibility
 Made of High-Quality Elastic Silicone
Flexible silicone
Flexible silicone

This is a compatible Phone which Screen size is “4.0-6.5” Inch Ex.. iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7Plus, 7. 6Plus, 6, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Note 8, Google, Huawei Series, and more Smartphones Below 6.5, Above 4.0 display size.

7. CAW.CAR Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount.

Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount CaW Car
Image: CAW.CAR

The CAW.CAR Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount Easily mount your phone on a bicycle or motorcycle you can use this mount easily on any round handlebars. 3.7″ wide and fits all handlebars from [0.2″ to 1.6″] in diameter. No tools are Required For installation.


Waterproof Phone Holder For Bike - Cell Phone Mount Caw Car

The phone mount has an Adjustable Grip with 360° Rotation. So you can simply adjust your phone according to your choice and enjoy your ride without any worries. 

The Adsorbing of this mount is pretty good than others, This mount has a rubberized Clip with a silicone belts grip. Your device will always hold tightly. There is no chance that your device falls from the mount Even When in a Lifeproof Case.

Good Features In Short

 Mount Any Phone To Any Bike
Rubberized Clip
 Small iPhone 5 To Huge iPhone 11
Comfortable And Safe Ride

You can easily use your mobile screen, buttons, and mic jack for music. So this is also a very helpful feature for you while riding the bike.


These are ALL About the Waterproof Phone Holder Mount, I Hope This post is helpful for you if you want to read more stuff that helps you to fight with water.

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